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El cambio de vida es impresionante, yo digo doctor, que usted cambia vidas, salva vidas, esta cirugía es realmente un arte, estoy realmente agradecida, definitivamente no hay dieta milagrosa, es cirugía es volver a nacer

Me siento súper bien, la verdad muy feliz, ha sido un cambio súper significativo tanto en la salud, como en la autoestima, he perdido 20 kilos en solo 2 meses

El proceso se lo recomiendo a cualquier persona, no solo por el trato hacia nosotros como pacientes, sino la experiencia del doctor, es de alto nivel, toda la experiencia fue increíble



FAQ’s and myths about medical tourism in Latin America

We want your experience to be pleasant and safe and we want to give you transparency in what we do.

To have surgery in Latin America is dangerous.

It can be dangerous if you don't have the right providers. With My Doctours you will have a qualified team from start to finish, we will never put your life or your money in risk, we take hospital and travel safety very seriously.

Having a surgery in Latin America is very expensive

False, The costs of a procedure in Latin America can cost up to 50% cheaper, with top-level doctors, prestigious hospitals and safe travel costs with pleasant experiences.

Only if I have a lot of money, I can do Medical Tourism

Not true, the reality is that all dreams are possible, but you must start now with a small step, schedule your appraisal appointment and plan this change of life and dream trip.

How does medical tourism work?

What is Medical Tourism? They are international flows of travelers that want to receive medical services. It involves one or more processes: Consultation, intervention, hospitalization (or clinical care), and drug provision.

How can I make sure doctors and hospitals are reliable?

We only work with graduated and certified doctors from schools validated by local governments. In addition, the hospitals we trust are certified and validated to the highest quality standards worldwide.

What does health tourism seek?

Health Tourism is the process in which a person travels to receive health services to a country other than the country in which he or she resides. The patient is motivated to travel for different reasons: from better costs, finding specialized doctors, to procedures that are not performed in their place of residence.

Why travel so many miles for having surgery?

The right approach to medical tourism is focused on making your next vacation experience in  magical places while performing the procedure of your choice. Traveling after the procedure is safe and presents no health risks.

How do you assure me that my money is safe?

We work with the highest ethical standards, we have two slogans as a company, taking care of your life first and being ethical with the charges and handling of it, we have competitive, transparent and loyal rates.